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General Dentistry


We take care of the whole family! From kids to the golden years, Dr Jarom & Dr Kelly will provide you and your loved ones with exceptional care and treatment. 


We take your health seriously.  Consequently, we do not provide mercury fillings in our office, we keep exposure down by using digital x-rays.  We also provide very conservative treatment plans.  It is very common for someone to visit us after being told by another office that they need substantial work, for us to find that no work is required. 




Dental Implants


Dr. Jarom has been providing implant dentistry for 10 years.  If you are missing any teeth, dental implants may be a wonderful solution for you.  Dental implants replace missing teeth by implanting a new titanium root in the bone.  You are able to floss and function on the new implant crown as one of your own teeth. 


Dental implants are not a guaranteed solution.  There are many technical steps that must be taken to ensure the success of the implant.  On most patients, Dr. Jarom takes a 3D scan of the implant site and creates a surgical guide.  This assures that the perfect size implant is placed in the most ideal location possible.  This gives you the comfort knowing that you have received the very best treatment that dentistry can provide. 



Cosmetic Dentistry


When you want to have cosmetic dentistry done, the goal is to make it look naturally beautiful.  Teeth are not one solid color.  You should be able to have light gently pass through the tips of the teeth, varying shades of color, and when you smile, your lower lip should cradle your upper teeth. 


Take a look at one of our patients before and after photos on the right.  When cosmetic dentistry is done right, people notice a radiance about you, not that your teeth were done. 


Dr Jarom & Dr Kelly are very picky when it comes to your smile.  When cosmetic work done, plan on an additional one to two visits to make sure that everything looks perfect.  Many times a patient may be happy with how the smile looks, but Dr Jarom & Kelly know it would look better with some slight adjustments. When these fine details are pointed out, the patient sees and everyone is happy in the end. 


If you have been thinking about a smile makeover, come in and see us to go over your options. 



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